Leisure & sporting canoeing and kayaking trips through the Ardèche gorges

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Our pledges and advice to ensure your stay is a total success

We pledge:

to provide you with a wealth of advice and tips to make your trip truly enjoyable
to provide a pre-trip technical briefing and all the pointers you need for a high quality trip

All the equipment provided is in perfect working order and in conformity with European health and safety standards (boat, buoyancy aids, waterproof barrels, paddles and, if required, neoprene wetsuits).

We will provide you with real-time information on the conditions (water levels and weather) so that you may have a clear idea of how long your trip will take.

Transport to the launch facilities and the subsequent recovery is done in suitable vehicles, reducing any time spent waiting before embarking and once your destination downstream is reached to the bare minimum.

Important facts:

The Ardèche is a Category 2 river which presents no major difficulties and is accessible to everyone above the age of seven, on the condition that they know how to swim.
The best conditions for canoeing are from April through to October.

We strongly recommend you equip yourself with shoes designed for water or trainers and protect yourself from the sun (sun creams, tee-shirts, sunglasses with neck cord).
Remember to pack drinks, a picnic and bin bag for your stops in the nature reserve.